Distribution Statistics

Stats about PPE that has been delivered.

Delivery Breakdown

Face Shield


Face Shields

Surgical Mask


Surgical Masks

Hand Sewn Mask


Hand Sewn Masks

Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizer




NameDateFace ShieldsSurgical MasksHand Sewn MasksHand SanitizerGloves
NameDateFace ShieldsSurgical MasksHand Sewn MasksHand SanitizerGloves
Union Rescue Mission2020-08-28400650
New York Presbyterian Hospital2020-06-233
Mount Sinai Hospital2020-05-1750
Long Island Railroad (LIRR-MTA)2020-06-0720
Home nurses2020-06-0710
DC/NC Protests2020-06-07300
West Point Protest2020-06-14196100
Los Angeles Mission2020-09-185001801
Healthcare Associates in Medicine2020-06-07291
The Foundling NYC2020-09-12500632
Riseboro Homecare2020-05-24200200100
Cocoa High School in Cocoa Beach, Florida2020-08-3025
Personal Request2020-06-055
Riseboro Homecare2020-05-3110050
Villano Family Dental2020-05-3112
Stonybrook University2020-09-047
Pain and Rehabilitation Medical Specialist2020-06-21305
Personal Request2020-08-14551
COVID-19 Testing Facility2020-09-12310
Lenox Hill Hospital2020-05-1050
Vassar Hospital2020-05-3138
St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction2020-05-311001
Housing Works, Inc2020-05-171201
Norwegian Christian Nursing Home2020-08-02151
Joffrey Ballet School2020-10-15200500
Children's Aid NYC2020-08-115001212
Astoria Mutual Aid Network2020-08-11500100300
LA protests2020-06-14190
Hudson River Rowing Association2020-07-1950
Stylish Nails2020-06-282
St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction2020-05-171001
Wappingers Falls Justice Court2020-06-07401
Mount Vernon Elementary2020-08-3025
Kingston Protest2020-06-02200
Norwegian Christian Home2020-08-027030
Hudson Valley Primary Care2020-06-2115201
Dutchess Outreach2020-07-05504
Au Naturel Salon2020-06-0711051
Downtown Women's Center2020-10-06300130
Torrance Memorial Medical Center2020-09-25500
Journey Support Services2020-06-2820
Henry Ford Medical Center2020-08-2830
Shree Umiya Mataji Hindu Temple 2020-06-2380
EyeQ Optical2020-05-101010
Physical therapist2020-05-3155
Norwegian Christian Home Assisted Living2020-08-021001
Pediatric Speech Pathologist2020-06-211001001
Lenox Hill Hospital2020-06-0750
Old First Ward Community Association, INC2020-10-0650
The Bowery Mission2020-08-113002503
St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction2020-05-1010050
Montefiori Hospital2020-04-2450
Riseboro Homecare2020-06-211001
Lenox Hill Hospital2020-05-2450
City of Duluth Fire Department2020-09-1215050
Personal Request2020-08-221
Hudson River Housing2020-05-241007100
Vassar College Chemistry Department2020-08-1030
Bridgeview Endoscopy2020-06-07100
School 17 in Yonkers2020-08-3025
Response to Love Center2020-10-152001
Mount Sinai Hospital2020-04-2450
NYC protests2020-06-061350
Personal request2020-05-311
Personal request2020-07-191
Foley Square Protest2020-06-02600
Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps2020-06-212001
Wappingers Falls Police Department2020-05-315045
Personal request2020-05-10551
Make the Road NY2020-06-211002
Personal Request2020-08-0910
California Farmworker Foundation2020-09-25500
Healthcare Associates in Medicine Physical Therapy Department2020-08-0220
Long Island Railroad (MTA)2020-08-0225
Contractors for Federal Government2020-05-128
NY Department of Education2020-09-12101
Villano Family Dental2020-05-177
Split Enz Salon2020-05-143
St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction2020-05-241001
New York Board of Elections2020-06-2325
Boston Protests2020-06-06200
Wind River Reservation2020-08-02200
Lush Eco Salon2020-06-0716
New Milford Medical Group2020-08-10201
Quantum Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care2020-06-21151
NY Department of Education2020-06-2830502
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's office2020-06-02500
Personal Request2020-09-12121
Healthcare Associates in Medicine2020-06-2110
Norwegian Christian Home2020-06-07401
Montefiori Hospital2020-05-1050
Healthcare Association in Medicine2020-05-31501
Yale-New Haven Hospital2020-06-0710
University of North Carolina Health2020-10-15500
Quantum Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care2020-06-2120201
Poughkeepsie Protest2020-06-2131
Chisholm Elementary in Florida2020-08-3025
Aqsa School2020-09-25530
Sine's Place of Hair Design2020-05-245
Black Cherry Tattoo2020-06-076
Bella Speech and Sensory World2020-06-21100301
March on Washington, DC2020-08-30400
Tax Preparer2020-08-281
Premier Home Healthcare2020-05-106

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